"Go Yard...Go Back-Yard."

Back-Yard Bat Co.
Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 519-735-4256

Back-Yard Bat Co. was founded by Joseph LaMantia Sr. in 2003. His dream was to create
a hand turned baseball bat at the age of 79. He wanted his grandson to learn the craft and
so he taught him. That is where current craftsman Paul LaMantia has taken that skill and
used it to launch his dream.

 We can supply the elite summer league / collegiate level player with pro grade timbers at an
 affordable price point. We offer stock models emulating many of the large market names
 as well as customization of desired barrels and handles.

While we feel like we are making great strides in the right direction. We find it
important to never stray from the foundation that has given us this platform to work.
 A tradition built on friends, family, and a passion for the game we all love so much.

Back-Yard Bat Co.
Tecumseh, Ontario Canada

"It's just buddies being buddies"

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